our chorizo

our speciality.

srybb’s plant-based vegan chorizo was built from the need to have a plant based chorizo that was authentic and delicious for both vegans and those curious about plant based diets. Our recipe utilizes tofu, mushrooms, and various spices and now we are sharing this dish with the community. Ensuring the chorizo was authentic was extremely important and personal to Spencer (SRY) and Brandon (BB). Being Mexican, Brandon grew up with chorizo and one of their fondest memories was waking up in the morning to their nana making chorizo and eggs with beans. As both got older, Spencer became vegetarian and Brandon began eating less meat, cutting chorizo out of their diets. As the cravings for chorizo increased and after trying and being dissatisfied with many national brands of vegan chorizo, they set out to create their own. In 2023, Spencer, a talented cook and someone who dreamt of having their own restaurant since they were young, spent months researching, practicing and crafting the current recipe to ensure authenticity and tastiness. Now srybb is looking for investors to help srybb expand operations and reach a new market. If you would like to invest in srybb, please fill out the contact form below. 


For restaurants, cafes, other food retailers or in your own home:

You can purchase our plant-based chorizo and utilize it in a variety of ways. We can prepare our chorizo in any size at any time interval to meet your needs! The chorizo is a perfect substitute for the national brands of plant-based meats. Tofu and mushrooms, the sole protein source, are seasoned with authentic spices to provide customers with a straightforward plant-based protein that will leave your stomach full and body nourished. Our chorizo is great in tacos, burritos, and any of your other favorite meat recipes. We hope that you can make the change from nationally produced plant-based protein to a locally produced plant-based protein. 

As we grow, we are always looking for investors to help us expand and provide plant-based chorizo to more people. If you are interested in helping us grow, please contact us to talk about future opportunities for collaboration.